Ala Carte

Pricing Guidelines For Food Pick up Only. 7-10 Day Notice is required on most items. Hot Food Pick up or Delivery Available 7 Days a Week! (After hours fee may apply.) 'Entrees Minimum orders of 15 Adults




Smokehaus Chicken Halves - Cooked

(BBQ Rotisserie Seasoning)

$6.00 Per Half

BBQ Chicken Halves - Cooked

(Marinated in Our Signature BBQ Sauce)

$6.25 Per Half

Firehouse Chicken Halves - Cooked

(Vinegar, Olive Oil Lemon Salt & Pepper, Real Wood Smoked)

$6.75 Per Half

Mixture of Leg/Thigh/Breast - Cooked

(BBQ or Smokehaus)

$4.75 Per Person

Leg & Thigh - 1 leg/1 thigh per person - Cooked

(BBQ or Smokehaus)

$4.00 Per Person

Slow Roasted Turkey Breast - Cooked & Sliced

$9.00 / lb.

(3 to 4 Servings per lb.)

Our Award Winning Baked Ham - Sliced & Glazed

$7.99 / lb.

(3 to 4 Servings per lb.)

Southern Blair Sliced Beef Brisket

(Our Real Wood Slow Smoked Brisket With Our Southern Style BBQ Sauce)

$14.99 / lb.

BBQ Country Ribs

(So Meaty, So Good)

$6.99 / lb.

Our Roast Beef with Aujus

$10.00 / lb.

Our Famous Pulled Pork

(Nominated Hometown Favorite Product!)

$8.49 / lb. Cold
$8.99 / lb. Hot

(3 to 4 Servings per lb.)

Shredded BBQ Beef

$10.00 / lb. Cold
$10.50 / lb. Hot

Fireman's Feast (aka Ox Roast)

$9.00 / lb. Cold
$9.50 / lb. Hot

Hot & Sweet Sausage with Peppers & Onions

$3.50 Per Piece

(Minimum Order of 30 Sausages)

Pulled Chicken

(Slightly Smokey, 100% Tasty)

$6.99 / lb. Cold
$7.49 / lb. Hot

Baked Ziti


$85 Per Pan

(Average 50 People Per Pan)

Homemade Meat Balls

(They are Big and Meaty :))

$2.00 Per Meatball

$2.50 Per Meatball with sauce

(Minimum Order of 30 Meatballs)


Hot Sides (Minimum order of 25 Adults)


Butcher Beans

(Our Chef Inspired Baked Beans Loaded with Sweet Sausage, Bacon and Other Spices)

$50 Per 25 People

Baked Beans

$30 Per 25 People

Buttered Kernel Corn

$30 Per 25 People


$50 Per Pan

(1 Pan Feeds Around 50 People)

Au Gratin Potatoes

$45 Per 35 Adults

Scalloped Potatoes

$45 Per 35 Adults

Mashed Potatoes

$35 Per 30 Adults


$20 Per 30 People

Bermuda Blend Mixed Vegetables

$30 Per 25 People

Gourmet Mac-N-Cheese

(3 Wonderfully Blended Aged Cheeses with Seasonings)

$5.49 / lb. cold      $5.99 / lb. hot

(5lb. Min.)

Traditional Bread Stuffing

(Like Mom or Gram Makes)

$85 Per Pan

(1 Pan Feeds Around 50 People)

Bread & Sausage Stuffing

(Bread blended with our Hot & Sweet Sausage. Goes Great with our Pulled Pork)

$70 Per Pan

(1 Pan Feeds Around 50 People)

Kolbassi & Kraut

(Award Winning Kolbassi and Homemade Kraut. Good Enough to Make A Polish Man Blush!)

$75 Per 50 Adults


Cold Sides

Large Bowl
(Feeds 25-30)

Small Bowl
(Feeds 10-15)

Homemade Broccoli Salad

(Fresh Cut Broccoli loaded with our bacon, shredded monterey jack cheese, homemade dressing, golden raisins and sun flower seeds)



German Potato Salad

(Redskin potatoes, with our bacon, sautéed onions, vinegar/mayo dressing)



Pasta Salad

(Rotini pasta, with fresh cut tomatoes, green peppers, cheese, ham, salami, pepperoni, and zesty Italian dressing)



Caesar Tortellini Salad

(Tri-Colored cheese filled tortellini, pepperoni, provolone cheese, fire roasted peppers and Parmesan Peppercorn dressing)




(Diced Cabbage, Homemade dressing)



Anti-Pasta Salad

(Salami, pepperoni, Holland’s Baked ham, provolone cheese, fire roasted red peppers, black olives, green olives, banana pepper rings, artichoke hearts, chateau Italian Dressing)



Loaded Potato Salad

(Diced russet potatoes, butter, shredded cheese, sour cream, our bacon, green onions, salt and pepper)



G.G. Macaroni Salad

(Elbow macaroni, Grandma Gretchen’s homemade dressing, eggs, relish, and diced celery)



Linguine Pasta Salad

(Linguine pasta, fresh cut tomatoes, green peppers, green olives, salad supreme and Italian dressing)



Amish Macaroni Salad

(Traditional sweet macaroni salad)



Amish Potato Salad

(Traditional Style potato salad)



Fresh Tossed Salad

(Fresh romaine and ice burg with cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumbers)


Large Bowl only. Serves approximately 15 people. Dressings are included.




Cookie Trays By Lisa Becker


Minimum of 80 Cookies

Fruit Salad

$1.75 Per Person

Minimum of 10 People Person


$1.75 Per Slice

(16 Slice Minimum)

Cakes Available through Lisa Becker Bake Shop


Dry Goods


Heavy Duty Plates, Knife/Fork/Spoon/Salt/Pepper Kits, Napkins, Wet Naps, Disposable Serving Utensils and Table Covers

$1.50 Per Person